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Can You Wait For The New Server To Be Online?
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If You Dont Put It Up Soon I Will Kill My Self
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 Donations And Info

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PostSubject: Donations And Info   Sat May 14, 2011 11:12 pm

Hey Guys, Although the server is not up yet i thought i would post this now as im hoping to get alot of donations (without donations i will have to shut down the server again) so if you want to donate below is the prices of staff spots, donator, items ect, Only give donations to JORDAN!! if you give your donation to someone else it is not my fault. any ways here you go

BTW i am going to try and make a paypal. only if you dont need a credit card but im going to write two prices, one for if you want to donate rs money and they other if u want to donate real money (AUS dollar)

Also to get donator you need to spend over $5 or 5m, All donations will get a free misc Package

Donator = 5m or $5
Mod = 10m or $10
Admin = 15m or $20
Hidden = 20m or $25
Co-owner = 35m or $40

Skiller Package = 1m or $2
Combat Package = 3m or $4
Costume package = 3m or $4
Pker package = 3m or $4
Misc Package = 4m or $5
Package Set = 12m or $13 (Save 7m Or $6)
- Skiller package
- combat package
- costume package
- pker package
- misc package
Monster Package x10 = 4m or $5
100m Check = 2m or $2
1b Check = 8m or $10 (save 13m or $10)
Whip = 1m or $1
Whip (new) = 3m or $4
Whip (colour) = 3m or $4
Whip Set = 8m or $10 (save 8m or $11)
-Whip (new)
-Whip (green)
-whip (blue)
-whip (white)
-whip (yellow)
Chaotic maul = 6m or $6
Staff of light = 4m or $4
dragon claws = 6m or $6
Dfs = 3m or $3
Bandos Chest = 2m or $2
Bandos tassys = 2m or $2
Bandos boots = free when you buy another bandos item
Bandos set = 5m or $5
-bandos chest
-bandos tassys
-bandos boots
-amulet if fury
sgs = 3m or $3
zgs = 3m or $3
bgs = 5m or $5
ags = 7m or $7
Gs Set = 15m or $15 (save 3m or $3
phats = 6m or$6
phat set = 15m or $15
santa hat = 4m or $5
Hween's = 3m or $3
hween set = 8m ot $8

There will be more soon. if you want to buy and item i will sometimes accept an offer nearest to the one i said. also if u want to buy an item thats not there just ask me and i will tell u if i can exchange it and how much it will cost

heres a pic of the packages, most of the time you get better stuff than whats shown here

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PostSubject: Donate   Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:02 am

I am more than willing to donate, however I would first like to see if this server is going to get started.
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Donations And Info
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