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Can You Wait For The New Server To Be Online?
NO So Hurry Up
 44% [ 19 ]
If You Dont Put It Up Soon I Will Kill My Self
 51% [ 22 ]
Yes I Dont Care About Your Server
 5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 43
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 ~!sk8rdogs for mod~! or admin~!

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PostSubject: ~!sk8rdogs for mod~! or admin~!   Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:45 am

About Me!
Hey my name is Dylan Jaye. I am 14 years old and I live in Perth, Australia. Currently I attend school and I love playing sports, I represent my country nationally in sports that I love which include Cricket, Football. In my spare time when I am not out training for sport or school, I am at home playing computer games pretending to do homework. I know its not nice being known as a gamer freak at school but I don't care what others say about me because I am strong willed and I think that is a good virtue to have in a mod. I aspire to either study architecture or take over my dads business in insurance [ or run for President of America or be an Astronaut ]. I like going to school to hang out with my friends and sometimes I even enjoy listening to my teachers, sometimes.

Why You Should Pick Me:
I played Runescape for about 5 years then I quit and moved onto Runescape Private Servers, .If I am one of the few privileged people that get promoted to Moderator I ensure and take an oath that "With all my Heart, might, mind and strength I will keep this server clean and prevent to my utmost ability dupers from ruining the server again." I am a respectful person and also very friendly so if I am ever faced with a problem/conflict I am able to listen to both sides of a story to then come up with a solution. I don't like to jump to conclusions because sometimes that causes problems and I do not want to make enemies.

What I Can Do if I Get Chosen:
Well first of all I'd give Jordan- jake and Co the biggest thank you ever and thank them for the opportunity I get to help out the server. Then I will get right on the job and start helping out new players to the best of my ability. I won't break any of the rules that are set to Moderators/players and make sure no one else does too. I am fair player and I like to think of myself as a problem solver. I follow a motto, "if there's a will there's a way." My attitude towards being a moderator will be exactly that. I will make sure all problems are fixed and turn all negatives into a positive making sure everyone goes away with smiles on their faces.

Some Extra Info:
ummm.... in all honesty, I'm not very good at this part not knowing to write about.
I had so much fun playing the last Drop Dead Pkz, I even made a friend in real life, we talk on Facebook or Skype and keep in touch regularly even though we live in different time zones. I hope this new server is successful and just as good as the last one [MAYBE EVEN BETTER!]


Good luck to all who are applying for mod also!
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~!sk8rdogs for mod~! or admin~!
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